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MR Blueo gorilla is the soul of BLUEO brand totem , his inspiration came from gorillas strong figure and calm and intelligent expression , interpreting BLUEO brand strong vitality in the magnetic field and tenacity dedicated work attitude These creative works are used in the visual system of product series packaging and so on . The strong graphic impact can stand out in the terminal display and impress consumers deeply.

PVC environmental friendly material
Executive standard:
GB 6675-2014
Required age:
3 years old (more than 36 months old)
Company name:
Shenzhen Blueo Innovation Technology Co., Ltd
Location of Company:
Room 608 Vanke Hong Square Building, No.89 Jinlong Road, Buji Longgang District,Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Different companies have different culture .
Different culture lead Different brand .
Different products different User- Experience
We do different.

We have confidence in our brand. we put a lot of effort into our products just to create a stronger brand.